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“SPYxFAMILY”: Let’s Break Up

Jun 3, 2022 | Anime Script, SPY x FAMILY

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Episode 1 “Operation Strix”



(Japanese / Romaji / English)

* Some English scripts may be different from the subtitles in the video for grammatical reasons.


カレン (Karen)

ねぇねぇ ロバート
(nee nee Robert)
[Hey, Robert]

(watashitachi mo itsuka…)
[You think, one day, we might…]

黄昏たそがれ (Twilight)

カレン ぼくたちわかれよう
(Karen bokutachi wakareyou)
[Karen, let’s break up]

カレン (Karen)


黄昏たそがれ (Twilight)

(kimi no hanashi niwa chisei wo kanjinai)
[Your conversation lacks intellect]


[I wish you all the best]

カレン (Karen)


ロバート! そんな急に… ロバート!
(Robert! sonna kyuuni… Robert!)
[Robert! Where’d that come from? Robert!]

局長きょくちょう (Head chief)

標的ひょうてき国家統一党総裁こっかとういつとうそうさい ドノバン・デズモンド
(hyouteki wa kokka-touitsutou-sousai Donovan Desmond)
[Your target is the president of the National Unionist Party, Donovan Desmond]

(touzai heiwa wo obiyakasu kiken jinbutsu da)
[A dangerous man, and a threat to peace between east and west]

きみ使命しめいかれちかづき その不穏ふおんうごきをさぐること
(kimi no shimei wa kare ni chikazuki sono ugokiwo saguru koto)
[Your job is to get close to him, and investigate his movements]

そのために まず 結婚けっこんしてこどもをこさえろ
(sonotameni mazu kekkon shite kodomo wo kosaero)
[To that end, first, get married and have a child]

(yuuyo wa isshuukan to suru)
[You have one week]

黄昏たそがれ (Twilight)

(nanoka de kodomo wo tsukure to?!)
[How do I make a kid in seven days?!]

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