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SPY x FAMILY: Anya’s favorite game is rolling on the floor

Jun 4, 2022 | Anime Script, SPY x FAMILY

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Episode 6 “The Friendship Scheme”



(Japanese / Romaji / English)

* Some English scripts may be different from the subtitles in the video for grammatical reasons.


ロイド (Loid)

はい、ああ どうも
(hai, aa doumo)
[Yes. Oh, hello]

えっ? もうできたんですか?
(e? mou dekitan desuka?)
[Oh, they’re done already?]

わかりました、本日ほんじつ りにうかがいます
(wakarimashita, honjitsu uketori ni ukagaimasu)
[All right, We’ll come by to pick them up today.]

[See you, then]

アーニャ (Anya)

(seifuku dekita?)
[My uniform’s done?]

ロイド (Loid)

[Looks like it]

ロイド (Loid)

もしかしたら おそくなるかもしれないので
(moshikashitara osokunaru kamo shirenai node)
[I might be coming home late,]

(yuuhan wa tekitou ni demae demo totte kudasai)
[so feel free to order something for dinner tonight]

アーニャ (Anya)

[Safe trip]

アーニャ (Anya)

(seifuku no Anya kawaii?)
[Does Anya look cute in a uniform?]

ヨル (Yor)

かわいいです! かわいいです!
(kawaii desu! kawaii desu!)
[So cute, so cute!]

(atode shashin-ya san ni ikimashou!)
[Let’s go to a photo studio later!]

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