Ski & Snowboard in Japan ~ what is it like?

Feb 13, 2021 | Blogs, Japan Life

For ski or snowboard lovers, Japan is know for one of the best ski areas on Earth to experience the best powder snow. Every winter, there are lots of skiers and snowboarders from all over the world to visit Japanese mountains.

Ski Season in Japan

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Most Snow Resorts in Japan are open from the end of November to the end of March. However, if you want to experience the best powder snow, you should visit Japan during the best snow season which is from January (AKA “Japanuary”) to early February.

Weather Condition


Weather condition is very important for your ski trip. Many foreign visitors plan to stay in Japan a week or more so they likely to have more chance to ski in better weather condition. Make sure to keep eyes on a forecast and choose the best day to ski!

Lift Ticket Price

Ex:) Shiga Kogen Snow Resort

One day (JPY 5,600)
Two dat (JPY 10,500)
4-hour (JPY 4,800)

*Many resorts offer Two day ticket, Three day ticket, and so on.. which will be cheaper options than buying One day tickets many times.
*Some resorts offer cheaper price if you buy a ticket online.

Lunch at Snow Resort

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Ramen and Curry are the two most popular menus at restaurants in Japanese snow resorts. You can order side menus like French Fries, Hot dogs, Fried chickens, Takoyaki, and more. Many places have Free Wifi so stay longer and take some rest if you feel tired Skiing or Snowboarding.

Hot Spring

two monkeys partially submerged in water

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Going to a Hot Spring after ski is so relaxing and will heal your body and hart. If you feel hesitant to soak in a hot spring with bunch of strangers, you can book a hotel which has a private hot spring in a room. You can soak as long as you want and enjoy your own relaxing time!

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