Senpai Meaning: What Does “Senpai” Mean?

Jul 27, 2021 | Blogs, Japanese Learning

Let’s learn the meaning of the Japanese word “Senpai” (先輩せんぱい).

Meaning of Senpai


Senpai (先輩せんぱい) is someone who is senior to you in a group or organization such as a school or company.

Common Phrases with the word “Senpai”

人生じんせい先輩せんぱい (jinsei no senpai)
→ teacher (senpai) of life

会社かいしゃ先輩せんぱい (kaisha no senpai)
→ senior in the company

What is Kouhai?

Kouhai (後輩こうはい) is the opposite of Senpai, which means someone who is junior to you in a group or organization.

Example Sentences using “Senpai”


He is a senior at our company.

先輩せんぱい たちのアドバイスをもっとよくくべきだった。

I should have listened more carefully to seniors’ advice.


I wanna be a capable woman like you!

I hope this article helped your understanding of what Senpai means!

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