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My Hero Academia: Tenya Iida uses Recipro Turbo (S5E8)

Aug 31, 2022 | Anime Script, My Hero Academia

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Anime: My Hero Academia
Episode 96 “The Third Battles’s Conclusion”



(Japanese / Romaji / English)

* Some English scripts may be different from the subtitles in the video for grammatical reasons.


飯田いいだ (Iida)

(juppun da, juppun, dare mo ore wo tome rare nai!)
[Ten minutes! For ten minutes, no one can stop me!]

骨抜ほねぬき (Honenuki)

[So fast!]

(shoubu ni nara nai)
[I’m no match for him]

尾白おじろ (Ojiro)


飯田いいだ (Iida)

(supairaru wo rou ni ireru)
[I’ll put Spiral in jail!]

回原かいばら (Kaibara)

まだ いいとこせてないんだよ!
(mada iitoko misete nai n dayo!)
[I haven’t gotten to show off yet!]

飯田いいだ (Iida)

ええい おとなしくしたまえ!
(eei otonashiku shitamae!)
[Hey, come quietly!]

今度こんどはずさないぞ マッドマン!
(kondo wa hazu sa nai zo maddo man!)
[I won’t miss this time, Mudman!]

(kyuujo ga senketsu!)
[Rescue is my first priority!]

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