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Luffy ask Nami to fix his hat

Aug 7, 2023 | Anime Script, One Piece

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Anime: One Piece
One Piece The Movie “Dead End Adventure”



(Japanese / Romaji / English)

* Some English scripts may be different from the subtitles in the video for grammatical reasons.


ウソップ (Usopp)

なぁ 空気くうきおもたくない?
(naa kuuki omotakunai?)
[This is one big awkward moment]

ナミ (Nami)

そりゃ しょうがないでしょう
(sorya shouganai deshou)
[Well of cource…]

(ikinari kyoudai desu tte iwaretemonee)
[Discovering that they’re siblings all of a sudden]

ルフィ (Luffy)


サンジ (Sanji)

(genki daseyo)
[Cheer up]

あれほどさがしてなかったんだ 気持きもちはわかるが
(arehodo sagashite nakattanda kimochiwa wakaruga)
[We looked all over the place. I understand how you feel]

ルフィ (Luffy)


シュライヤ (Shuraiya)


ルフィ (Luffy)

ああ! 帽子ぼうし!!
(aa! boushi!!)
[Ahh! Hat!!]

ウソップ (Usopp)

(oi anta…)

シュライヤ (Shuraiya)

(daijina mondatte itteta karana)
[You said that it was important to you, right?]

(ashimoto ni attanowo hirotte oita)
[It was lying at my feet so I picked it up]

ルフィ (Luffy)

ありがとう! おまえ いいやつだなぁ!!
(arigatou! omae iiyatsu danaa!!)
[Thanks, you’re a great guy!!]

ナミ! またなおして〜!
(Nami! mata naoshite ~!)
[Nami, Fix it again!]

ナミ (Nami)

(hai hai)
[Alright, alright]

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