Can You Learn Japanese by Watching Anime?

Feb 14, 2021 | Blogs, Japanese Learning

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Learning a language from Video content is a very effective way to learn. Because it has visuals with audio, it helps your brain memorize words better than if you were to just memorize words from textbooks or vocabulary books.

But when it comes to Anime, there is a debate about you should use it as a learning tool, or if you shouldn’t.

Can you really learn Japanese by watching Anime? Or should you learn Japanese from Anime? The answer is Yes! And here is why I think Anime is a great tool for your Japanese Learning.

Why Anime is a Great Tool for Japanese Learning

If you plan on learning a new language, you need to know that it’s going to take time.

Now, of course, this will depend on your learning goals.

“What is your goal for Learning Japanese?”

Are you studying Japanese to watch Anime with no subtitles? Or to be able to do small talk in Japanese? Or do you want to learn Japanese to be able to speak fluent enough to work and live in Japan?

In any case, you need to keep yourself motivated.
It gets difficult to continue when you see complicated grammar or tons of words you don’t know.

That’s where many people give up learning.

People lose their motivation because learning a language is hard, your textbook is boring, it’s no fun…

learn japanese by watching anime

But what if there’s a fun way to learn that you can enjoy and keep learning?

That’s where Anime comes in

1) “Because it is Fun”

learn japanese by watching anime

If you are learning Japanese or planning to learn Japanese, I believe that you have watched some Anime before and liked at least one or two of them. Art styles, storylines, unique jokes, and many other factors are what makes Anime so entertaining and fun to watch.

2) “Because it is Effective”

Learning a language from video content is very effective. Because it has visuals and audio to help your brain memorize words better than memorizing words from a vocabulary book.

In this way, you use your ears and brain 100% to listen and try to figure out what they say. And if you see a new word, you will be more likely to memorize the word(s) than if you just saw the new word in your textbook. Because, without trying, that word will now remind you of the scene in the Anime or vice versa, and your brain will now remember it as it is tied to a picture. You will also learn how to use that word at the same time!

Some people say that Anime Japanese is not Real Japanese…

I understand why people are saying this. Some Anime characters are over-dramatic and their speaking styles do not sound like how real Japanese is spoken.

However, Anime Japanese like


Omae wa mou shindeiru


You will be able to find out easily which word is Anime Japanese and which word is not.

3) “Because it is Continuable”

learn japanese by watching anime

Learning a Language is hard, but it is also simple. You read, listen, and speak… and keep doing these until you master the language.

Many people give up learning because it’s boring to do so with textbooks.

so, why don’t you learn with something you can actually enjoy?”

If you are not confident about keeping yourself motivated, I believe Anime will be a great tool for you!

I’m not saying that you can learn everything from Anime. Of course, you need to study with your textbook to learn basic words and grammar if you are new to Japanese Learning. But once you’ve learned basic stuff, you can start learning from Anime!

For example, in my case, ~ once I learned basic English grammar with a textbook, I started watching TV Shows like “Friends” and it helped me a lot to gain my English listening skill and vocabulary. Because I could enjoy and keep learning by watching the show.

Two Important Things Before You Start to Learn Japanese by Watching Anime

1) Choose the Right Anime for Your Japanese Learning

You have to choose the Anime where characters use proper Japanese that you can learn and use in real life, but it also has to be something you like.

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2) Learn How to Learn Japanese from Anime in a Right Way

I talked about how Anime can help you to learn Japanese, but you can’t just sit and watch Anime, and expect your Japanese skill to improve. You need to know how you can learn Japanese from Anime effectively.

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