Anime Scripts

アニメ スクリプト

Luffy ask Nami to fix his hat

1 min 55 sec
Scripts in (Japanese / Romaji / English)

Grab a Potato Chip… And Eat It! | Death Note

2 min 08 sec
Scripts in (Japanese / Romaji / English)

L’s Challenge | Death Note

2 min 30 sec
Scripts in (Japanese / Romaji / English)

My Hero Academia | The New Symbol of Peace

2 min 34 sec
Scripts in (Japanese / Romaji / English)

ShoTora provides anime scripts for you to learn Japanese in a fun way!

How to learn Japanese on this page

  1.  Choose an anime clip you want to learn with.
  2. Watch anime.
  3. Read a script and look up words you don’t know.
  4. Watch it again while reading a script.
  5. Read out loud to practice speaking.
  6. Repeat 4 & 5.


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Japanese Vocabulary

Learn Japanese vocabulary with our vocabulary lists grouped by category! Pick a list that you want to learn and use flashcards to practice. Each list has around 10 ~ 20 words and each Kanji has Furigana with it.


Japanese Grammar Practice

Practice Japanese grammar by composing a Japanese sentence after reading an English script! The goal is to understand the overall sentence patterns for the target grammar by making a sentence over and over.

two people talking japanese

Easy Japanese Conversation Lessons

Speaking Japanese is the best way to improve your Japanese speaking skill! Give your mouse some exercise. Learn useful Vocabulary & Phrases from the skits that you can use from today.

Learn Japanese from Songs

Song Lyrics

Listen and sing Japanese songs to improve your Japanese! Lyrics are available in Japanese, Romaji, and English. Find your favorite song and sing along with it!