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“Your Lie in April” E8: ‘Cus she’s so cute!

Jan 27, 2022 | Anime Script, Your Lie in April

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Anime: Your Lie in April
Episode 8 “Let It Ring”



(Japanese / Romaji / English)

* Some English scripts may be different from the subtitles in the video for grammatical reasons.


わたり (Watari)

[She’s cute!]

かをり (Kaori)

[Let’s see.]

わたり (Watari)

ハッ! しまった!
(ha’! shimatta!)
[Oh crap!]

かをり (Kaori)

ああ 井川いがわさんね 彼女かのじょ人気者にんきもの
(aa Igawa-san ne kanojo mo ninki mono yo)
[Oh, it’s Igawa. She’s popular, too.]

椿つばき (Tsubaki)

やっぱり たことある
(yappari mita koto aru)
[I knew they seemed familiar.]

(Kousei no ouen ni kita toki)
[When I used to go cheer kousei on,]

さっきの 相座あいざくん そして 井川いがわさん
(sakki no Aiza-kun soshite Igawa-san)
[both that Aiza and Igawa,]

よく この3人さんにん セットでてたな
(yoku kono sannin setto de miteta na)
[I used to see those three together all the time.]

名前なまえとか いつも上位じょういにいたからおぼえてる
(namae toka itsumo joui ni ita kara oboeteru)
[I remember because their names were always at the top.]

でも 結局けっきょく 公正こうせい1位いちいだったけどね
(demo kekkyoku Kousei ga ichii datta kedo ne)
[But of course, it was Kousei who always ended up in first place!]

わたり (Watari)

だから なん椿つばき得意とくいげなんだ?
(dakara nande Tsubaki ga tokuige nanda?)
[Why are you acting so smug again?]

それで 絵見えみちゃんって ピアノ うまいの?
(sorede Emi-chan tte piano umai no?)
[So, is this Emi any good at the piano?]

うまいにちがいない! カワイイから
(umai ni chigainai! kawaii kara)
[She’s got to be good. Because she’s hot!]

(ore no me ni kurui wa nai)
[I know how to size people up.]

きっと 絵見えみちゃんが ぶっちぎりで優勝ゆうしょうだな!
(kitto Emi-chan ga bucchigiri de yuushou dana!)
[I bet Emi’s gonna run away with this competition.]

だって カワイイから
(datte kawaii kara)
[‘Cus she’s so cute!]

椿つばき (Tsubaki)

もう した名前なまえ
(mou shita no namae)
[Already using her first name?]


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