10 Japanese Swear Words You Should Avoid

Jul 8, 2021 | Blogs, Japanese Learning

Hi all Japanese learners!

In Anime or manga, some characters speak swear words casually. It may be difficult to tell especially for beginners.

Here we have the top 10 Japanese swear words from Anime that you should avoid using in real life until you totally understand when is the right situation to use.

List of Japanese Insults & Swear Words

1. 貴様キサマ / てめぇ (Kisama / Temee) | Meaning: bastard

2. ババア / ジジイ (Babaa / Jijii) | Meaning: damn old lady or man

3. 野郎ヤロウ (Yarou) | Meaning: jerk

4. おまえ (Omae) | Meaning: you

5. ガキ / 小僧こぞう (Gaki / Kozou) | Meaning: kid

6. アホ / バカ (Aho / Baka) | Meaning: idiot, fool

7. ブス (Busu) | Meaning: ugly

8. クソ (Kuso) | Meaning: shit

9. ね (Shine) | Meaning: die

10. カス (Kasu) | Meaning: scum

Keep in mind, Japanese (even the young generation) do not often use swear words in everyday conversation. So please be careful when you use these words.

Now you know what to avoid, let’s watch more Anime and learn Japanese! 

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