Internet Cafe in Japan ~ what is it like?

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If you have lived or are planning to visit a city of Japan, you might know little bit about an internet or manga cafe culture and wonder what an internet cafe in Japan is like? So in this page I will share my experience when I went to one of the most popular internet cafes in Tokyo.

What is a Japanese Internet Cafe?

Internet Cafe is a cafe which provides Internet, PC, and some other services with time-based charge. Most of them in Japan provide semi-private rooms and also Manga shelfs that you can find almost any manga of Japan. People come to Internet Cafe for various purposes. Some people stay a few hours to read manga or use PC, on the other hand, others come to sleep overnight.

My Experience at Internet Cafe in Japan

Gran Cyber Cafe “b@gus”

Internet Cafe in Japan

Homepage (in Japanese):
Address: Japan, 〒150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Dogenzaka, 2 Chome−23−12 フォンティスビル 4F

“b@gus” is one of the biggest internet cafe chains in Japan. They open most of their internet cafes in Tokyo. I went to one of them in Shibuya.

The cafe was placed on the 4th floor of the building, the elevator is the only option to go there. After getting off the elevator, I went to the front desk. They asked me What kind of room I want to use and How long I will Stay.

Room Options

    • Area
      (Smoking or Non-Smoking)
    • Type of room
      (High-Back Seat Room / Reclining Seat Room / Full-Flat Seat Room / Theater Room / Lady’s Seat Room)
    • Hours
      (30min / 3h / 5h / 8h / 9h / 12h)

I wanted to use Reclining Seat Room but all rooms were taken…
so I chose “Non-Smoking area” “Full-Flat Seat” “3h”

the price was 1,040 yen (about 10 USD)

I paid at the front desk and received the room key attached with the clipboard. The time you have to leave by was typed on the paper on the clipboard.

Inside of the Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe in Japan

you can grab free drinks, ice creams, and magazines here!

Internet Cafe in Japan

Printer and Drink & Food area

Internet Cafe in Japan

Manga shelf area. You can pick any manga you want and read them in your room

Internet Cafe in Japan

“Attack on Titan”

Internet Cafe in Japan

There are English versions of Manga too!

I got free drinks and mangas, now I’m ready to go to the room.

Internet Cafe in Japan

Room Area

Internet Cafe in Japan

Full-Flat Seat Room (1 person)
* I heard that there are Full-Flat Seat Rooms for two people and some other rooms are available for two people too, so you can come with your friend!

Internet Cafe in Japan

Internet Speed was good! You can do your work here or enjoy reading manga! (don’t do both like me lol)

There are walls on four sides but not on a ceiling.
Unlike normal cafes like Starbucks, nobody was talking and it was really quiet.

Some people use the internet cafe as a place to sleep or nap. I guess it makes sense because it is much cheaper than Capsule Hotel.

I spent about 2 hours and 45 minutes and left my room, returned the key and clipboard at the front desk before it goes over 3 hours to avoid extra fees.


I was only there for three hours so I couldn’t do everything, but there are many other things internet cafe provides such as meal, shower room, karaoke, etc… If you choose to stay longer you can do more things. People go to internet cafe for various purposes. It was wonderful experience for me so if you have never been to any of Japanese Internet Cafes, you should consider visiting once.

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