How to Learn Japanese from Anime

Mar 11, 2021 | Blogs, Japanese Learning

Hi All Language Learners!

Welcome to ShoTora! This is the website where you can find the most enjoyable way to Learn Japanese!

Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn for many, but it is also a language with huge amounts of content like music, comedies, movies, dramas, and more…

If you like Anime and want to learn Japanese, why not do both at the same time? Here’s how you can Learn Japanese from Anime step by step!

Step 0: Know Your Level of Japanese

It is important to make sure that you realize your own Japanese level. This is important so you can avoid trying something too difficult compared to your level and consequently lose motivation, or vice versa with something too easy that is a waste of your time.

Ask yourself how much Japanese you understand now, and how much you want to improve in the future. 

This step will help you set up your own learning process.

Step 1: Choose an Anime

how to learn japanese from anime

Now it is time to choose an Anime for your Japanese Learning!

You want to learn words and phrases from Anime that you can use in real life, so it is important to choose one where characters speak in a somewhat normal way. However, you also need to avoid forcing yourself to watch something you are not really interested in, as it might make you lose motivation to study.

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It is also important to choose one that has both English and Japanese Subtitles.

I recommend choosing an Anime you have watched before so you know what’s going on in each episode, and you can focus not on reading subtitles, but on what characters are saying.

*if you choose an Anime that you haven’t watched before, you should watch it in the most comfortable/relaxed way at first before you actually start learning from it.

Step 2: Choose a Scene

choose a scene - learn japanese from anime

Once you decide which Anime to learn Japanese from, it is time to choose a scene.

It will vary with your level of Japanese, but it would be best to start off with a scene that is roughly one minute in length and from there decide if you can do with longer lengths or keep it the same, or even reduce length.

Step 3: Watch Without Subtitles

watching-anime to learn japanese

This part is where you might feel overwhelmed by native Japanese speaking. But at this point, you know what is going on in a scene. So don’t panic and pay full attention to what the speakers are saying.

Do not worry even if you couldn’t catch any words. Because in this learning method, the more you don’t know, the more you will learn!

Step 4: Get Japanese Subtitles

watching-anime to learn japanese

You will write down Japanese words that were said in a scene. If there are Japanese Subtitles with your streaming service you can just write them down.

If you don’t have Japanese Subs, here is the website where you might be able to find them.

Step 5: Search For the Words You Don’t Know.

watching-anime to learn japanese

Now you have Japanese Subtitles in your notes. It is time to find out what they mean.
Use a dictionary or online translator to search for the words you don’t know, and figure out the meaning of sentences.

Do not see English subtitles to understand the meanings of Japanese sentences. Sometimes English subtitles are different from what Japanese subtitles mean due to linguistic reasons. They can be used to get an overall view of the scene or context, but should not be taken word for word.

Step 6: Watch Again, Read Japanese Subs, Do Shadowing

learn japanese from anime

This step is where you can feel the improvement!

Watch the scene again, this time you will be able to catch even more words than the first time.
Listen & Read aloud, try to pronounce each word slowly again and again. This will help your brain to memorize the words.

And don’t give up shadowing even if it’s too difficult, shadowing method is supposed to be difficult for the first few times but you will definitely be able to do well if you keep trying. 


Change the scene length, choose sentences that suit your level, and find your best way!

And most importantly…
Don’t forget to enjoy the Anime!

I hope you find the Learning Methods helpful!

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