10 Useful Japanese Anime Words You Should Know

Jun 3, 2021 | Blogs, Japanese Learning

If you are really into Anime and maybe wanna try learning Japanese, Let’s start from here! In this article, you will see the top 10 Japanese words frequently used in Anime that you can also use in real life!

1. Senpai (先輩)センパイ

Meaning: Someone who is older than you in an organization such as a school or company.

In anime shows, the word “Senpai” is often used to call someone. (for example: “Luffy senpai!” – Bartolomeo from One Piece). But in real life, this word is more likely to be used as an identifier to describe someone.

2. Sensei (先生センセイ)

Meaning: Teacher,  Master

You can use this word widely from grade school teachers to university professors, doctors, instructors, trainers, martial arts masters, and even lawyers & politicians.

3. Baka (馬鹿バカ)

Meaning: Idiot, Stupid, Fool

This word is used to describe “a stupid person” or “a person’s dumb act.” It’s okay to say “Baka” among close friends to poke fun at each other. 

4. Moshi moshi? (もしもし?)

Meaning: Hello?

“Moshi moshi?” is what Japanese people say when they answer the phone call. People also say “Moshi moshi” to catch one’s attention.

5. Kawaii (可愛かわいい)

Meaning: Cute, Sweet, Adorable

The word “Kawaii” is used to describe someone or something that is visibly cute. It also applies to one’s cute acts or characteristics.

6. Nani!? (何!?なに!?)

Meaning: What!?

“Nani” means “what” which is a very fundamental word. The use of “Nani” is similar to the use of “What” in English. People say “Nani!?” when they are surprised.

7. Daijoubu? Daijoubu! (大丈夫?だいじょうぶ? / 大丈夫!だいじょうぶ!)

Meaning: Are you (Is it) alright? or I’m (It’s) alright!

The word “Daijoubu” essentially means “Okay” or “Alright.” In Anime, this word is frequently used as “It’s going to be alright!” to cheer people up from disasters.

8. Sugoi! (すごい!)

Meaning: Amazing!

Anime characters tend to say “Suge (すげぇ)” or “Sugo (すご)” that means same as Sugoi. This word can be said when you are surprised by something amazing or incredible.

9. Yabai (ヤバイ)

Meaning: Oh my gosh

Like “Sugoi”, “Yabai” also has some other ways to say such as “Yabee (ヤベェ)” or “Yabba (ヤッバ)”. You can use this word in both good or bad situations.

10. Chotto matte (ちょっとって)

Meaning: Wait a minute

“Chotto (ちょっと)” means “A little”, and “Matte (待って)” means “Wait”. This phrase is frequently used in both Anime and real life.

In this post, I listed the top 10 Japanese words from Anime that you can use in real-life Japanese conversation. How many words did you already know? How many words did you learn today? I hope this article was helpful! 

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